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Hey you,

Yes you. The fuck, it's 2022! Which means 30 years ago this year, we released Delaware. We did a few things, big and small as a band subsequent to that of course, but hung up our proverbial nineteen spurs soon after.

Interminable cut to—Craig Rich somehow gets me on the phone in late 2021 to talk/coax shop, which is something I'm plain awful at (common knowledge to everyone with my number). But he is very good. I listen. And start thinking.

I text Steve Zimmerman, just musing, to ask him what he thinks a modern Drop Nineteens single might sound like. We discuss. But I quite contentedly don't have guitars anymore. Hard to believe, but true, and the perfect out— which Steve thwarts by express shipping a Jazzmaster to my apt in Brooklyn.

It arrives the morning my girlfriend is catching a flight to Miami for Art Basel (pic of me is from said morning). By the time she returns on Sunday I've written the bulk of what will be the next Drop Nineteens album, entirely in drop C sharp. Steve, it turns out, has had his own terribly good material in abundance and at the ready for some reason, for some time.

So I can tell you that along with Pete Koeplin and Motohiro Yasue, we are going to spend this new year recording a new Drop Nineteens album. I can also tell you it's called Hard Light.

Talk soon,


Ps Keep an eye out here in the meantime for ba(n)d news, lineup info and other activity, as we're going to remaster some early demos and perhaps unearth God only knows what else from the early days for you...

The first shot of us together in 30ish years.
We’re looking forward to seeing YOU in 2023…

Photo Credit: Larissa Doronina

002 - 01/26/22

003 - 06/3/22

Stay in the know.


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